Branded workwear; fashion, practical or both?

Branded workwear; fashion, practical or both?

With an ever increasing need to raise the profile of your brand, workwear has become more than just a uniform for employees to do their job in.

The ability to create a unique look has never been easier with specialist suppliers of clothing and branding freely available in the market. Some may wonder at the value of branded uniform over simpler plain garments that simply do the job.

The Benefits of branded workwear or uniform should not be underestimated; it doesn’t matter what industry you are in; the benefits, far outweigh the cost of what should be seen as an investment.

Free advertising…
Branded clothing for you and your staff provides a free platform to advertise your business, but without the high-end advertising costs that come with the more traditional methods of promotion.

Wearing your logo increases its visibility creates interest for your company, more leads and more business – and best of all… it’s all for free.

A brand customers can identify with…
We all know and recognise those big brands, logo’s, phrases and even colour schemes, that surround is in our daily lives.

Branded uniform does the same; creating an image for your business; quite simply your brand identity becomes your business ‘DNA’.

In time customers will identify with your uniform, creating a strong visual representation of the company branding.

Motivated staff…
It is a proven fact, that behaviour of staff improves while wearing a company logo on their clothing. An awareness of behaviour improves as they are seen as a representative of your company, even when they’re not at work.

Wearing the company logo is a clear symbol of your brand and can even build a stronger team spirit amongst staff as well as sense of pride.

Customer trust and loyalty…
Identifying with a brand, customers build rapport and trust with those in uniforms. It strengthens respect and the link customers have when they receive great service and in future builds a subconscious link to your brand.

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