When it comes to your brand it’s easy to forget the importance of Fonts as a vital element in projecting your image and can be one of the most underappreciated aspects in creating the foundations of your business.

It would be understandable to think of ‘Fonts’ simply from the aspect of aesthetics, the design, colour and functionality of your brand.

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However, it is important not to lose sight that ‘Fonts’ equal words and are communicators themselves. Few people think about the ability of a typeface on its own and to convey a message itself!

Your font choice can make or break your brands communication.

Font Choice

Crucial in refining your brand, it creates an emotional response from your customers. Take into consideration if you want to come across as friendly or as a more professional business.

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Either way, taking time and consideration into the ‘Fonts’ you use is as worthwhile as every other element of your brand; they help you get your message across. 


Font Styles

It would be easy to presume that there are thousands of fonts, of which there are, although when it comes to ‘Style’, fonts can be broken down into five distinct ‘Styles’. 


Are traditional in style, they can project an air of respect, reliability and comfort; a feeling of stability!

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Sans Serif (without serif)

Also projecting a sense of Stability , sans serif fonts are Objective , Clean and give a feeling of the Modern !

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Giving a feeling of elegance , script fonts are Creative with a feeling of affection , whilst being flexible and able to project a modern impression also.

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Fonts under the ‘Modern’ heading can be Strong creating a feeling of being Progressive , Stylish and Chic !

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Great for those brands needing to have a feeling being, ‘Friendly ’ they are in general ‘Unique’ very ‘Expressive’ and often Amusing .

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Now you...

Take a moment to consider now the ultimate determining factor for your brand; did you, will you, choose a font for your brand & business that is strong, representative and a true reflection of what you as a brand are and want to be ?

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