Quality, quality, quality…

Quality, quality, quality…

When considering your branded clothing, it helps to consider the practicalities of what it can and needs to do for you.

At ‘Image On Workwear’, our fundamental focus is on ensuring you get not only quality, but, value for money and a product that is fit for purpose.

We made the same considerations when deciding on which core brands were going to enable us to offer as much choice and solutions to what our customers were going to need, but without over complicating the brand with endless choices.

The ‘Uneek Clothing’ range was perfect for our day to day uniform offering, with an uncomplicated selection of products to suit almost any market.

Quality was top of the list and a competitive price point, all resulting in what has been an enormously successful introduction to our portfolio.

Outside of the ‘Uneek Clothing’ range we identified the need for a high end, quality product where the ‘Uneek’ range would not be compromised. We increasingly meet customers that are looking for popular brands, known for their quality and reliability to perform.

Brands such as, ‘Dickies’, ’Result’, ‘Trespass’, ‘Premier’ all of which we have at our disposal, but as with ‘Uneek’ we wanted to keep it simple with one brand that would stand up to the job.

That brand was, ‘Regatta’; known for its quality, choice and performance not only in the world of business but just as strong in the retail sector meaning our customers have an immediate connection with the ‘Regatta’ brand. In particular is Regatta’s new Tactical Thread’s range.

“Bridging the gap between style and performance, Tactical Threads will take you from the builders’ yard to the bar. Jackets, trousers, hoodies, and boots, these products have style that works as hard as you do. Designs are cut to move with you , keeping you active and agile throughout a hard day’s graft”.

In addition to Tactical Threads is ‘Regatta Professional’ which is quite simply, outstanding in its breadth of market choice across all sectors from ‘Workwear’, ‘Activewear’, ‘Hi Visibility’ and ‘Footwear’.

As a result we can now boast an uncompromised choice of  ‘branded products’ put together to offer our customers a choice at whatever level they require.

Take the time…
So, when you are looking at your ‘branded clothing/ workwear’ give it the time it deserves, treat it as an investment in your ‘brand’, choose your supplier carefully, find a business happy to support and advise you in making the best choice for what your business needs now and in future.


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